Diversity and Women Empowerment

As we strive to unite a mosaic of people that cultivate a culture where diversity of thought is celebrated, 2019 marked the beginning of our journey to advance the inclusion and empowerment of women in a more intentional way, recognizing this as a  pillar of inclusion and diversity more broadly. Early dialogues with UN Women Empowerment, FinDev Canada, and Swedfund revealed resourceful paths to achieve such a goal.

An examination of JCM’s corporate landscape allowed the introspection necessary to establish clear Gender Action Plan targets that would create a lasting effect on our communities. Further commitments made under the signing of the UN’s Women Empowerment Principles are a representation of the importance of this journey. Steering our organizational behavior in the direction that strengthens our values will further the potential of our people, experiences of our partners, and the impact felt in communities we serve.

Progress toward gender equality will be unique to each country, community, and culture within the JCM portfolio. For this reason, empowering women across our operations will require empathy and cultural fluency. Together with our community stakeholders, our investors and other strategic partners, we will partner to address the distinctive challenges surrounding the topic of gender and its related themes and explore new ways of engaging women in their communities, businesses, and governments.

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA)

As we have solidified the commitment to enrich our culture of inclusion, we want to ensure that our approach to adopting, managing, and measuring inclusive practices in a more meaningful way is a collaborative one. With the support of recent partnerships with UN Women Empowerment and FinDev Canada, we see a path forward for successful integration of IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility) at JCM.

We see significant upside to immersing diversity and inclusion into our organization including:

  • Increasing innovation and productivity. A focus on involving unique perspectives derived from experience will foster innovation and produce better business outputs for the bottom line.
  • Aligning our actions and interests with industry partners. Increasingly, our partners – DFIs and Governments – are advocating for the necessity of diversity in business and demanding measurable outcomes in favor of global campaigns for equality.
  • Success in a global economy is a by-product of social awareness. As we explore new opportunities in communities across Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, and Latin America, collaboration with local managers, employees, and potential candidates depends on our capacity to adapt, engage, and listen to the challenges, opportunities, and perspectives unique to each region.
  • Simple yet meaningful: Sustainability is at our core. We strive to create a future that enriches the lives of the people and partners we work with, most importantly our employees. Engaging those in our business whose families and friends will be directly impacted by the outputs of JCM’s efforts creates a level of passion, otherwise unattainable, to create a path forward.
  • February 2018 Hosted JCM Culture Survey to better understand JCM experience and values
  • May 2019 Hosted the UN WE Team @ JCM Headquarters
  • June 2019 Performed WEP Gender Gap Analysis
  • August 2019 Designed an IDEA Strategy Approved as a UN WEPs signatory
  • September 2019 Refined JCM’s Gender Action Plan Invited to speak at UN General Assembly in NYC

Moving the Needle by 2022

JCM’s three-year plan to model an inclusive workplace which embraces diversity of thought will be led by the JCM Executive Team. In our early discovery phase of this effort, JCM has welcomed the support of knowledgeable and interested partners to advise and guide in our process to date. With significant investment of time and resources, 2020 will bring a noteworthy opportunity to make an impact at every level of our organization and in the communities we serve.

JCM is committed to focus on inclusive practices that drive equity and access for women both at a Corporate and Project Company level. The practices will be steered by a Gender Action Plan that addresses:

  • A strong underlying infrastructure of policy will align stakeholders for global adaptation to IDEA.
  • Enriching experiences for employees, partners, and other key stakeholders through programs and practices that capture IDEA.
  • Enhancing awareness at the senior leadership level to intentionally display and articulate IDEA.
  • Self-monitoring our progress objectively.